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Thomas is a production designer based in the U.K. and Los Angeles.

He started working in the film industry on commercials in 2005 in Los Angeles, where he gained experience in the art departments of production designers KK Barrett, Dominic Watkins, Jeremy Hindle, and Rob Pearson. In 2014 Thomas began production designing for a roster of international clients the includes Blizzard Entertainment, Hilton, Mercedes, Wrigley, Tide, Land Rover, Volkswagen, KIA, AIG, Nutella, Toyota, United States Postal Service, 7 Up, Groupama, Ameriprise, Blue Cross, Unisys, Brooklyn Film Festival, and more.

With British and American passports, he continues production designing on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.

Directors as Production Designer and Art Director:

Chloe Zhao, Kiku Ohe, Nick Ball, Freddie Powell, Peter Thwaites, Matthijs Van Heijningen, Ivan Grbovic, Daniel Kleinman, Nicolas Winding Refn, John Hillcoat, Paul Hunter, Sebastian Strasser, Francis Lawrence, Guy Shelmerdine, Joachim Back, Arni Thor Jonsson, Nicolai Fulsig, Wayne McClammy, Joe Wright, Dori Oskowitz, Koichi Iguchi, Luke Greenfield, Koji Eko, Stacy Wall, Filip Engstrom, Brent Harris, Henry-Alex Rubin, Traktor, Adam Berg, and many more.

Production Companies:

Superprime, Smuggler, Anonymous Content, MJZ, Skunk, Drool, The Mill, The Corner Shop, Ruffian, Reset, Rattling Stick, Radical Media, Hungry Man, Imperial Woodpecker, Pretty Bird, Traktor, Stink, Interrogate, Missing Pieces, Independent Films, Sibling Rivalry, Grand Bazar, Spears and Arrows, Goodhouse, Downtown Reel, Eskimo, and many more.